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Tripometer v2.0 is available in two versions or 'Editions':
1. Personal Edition v2.0
Developed for individuals who claim motor mileage reimbursement from their employer or self employed people eligible for tax deductions on business trips, Tripometer makes recording those all-too important business kilomteres a quick and easy task.

In less than 40 seconds Tripometer will record your business trips in a revenue compliant fashion and automatically update your
logbook online.

That means No paper, No logbooks and most importantly,
No delays in getting paid!

2. Business Edition v2.0
Developed for companies anxious to comply with Revenue guidelines on Company Car Taxation (Notional Pay) and Motor Travel Reimbursement, Tripometer is Ireland's leading business trip recording software.

Designed with both the payroll manager and company car driver in mind, the system records all business trips in a revenue compliant fashion and performs the calculations necessary for:

Identifying Notional Pay Liabilities & Performing Reimbursement at the Civil Service Motor Travel Rates.

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